Depending on how often they are used, pianos generally need to be tuned a few times each year to sound their best. To experience the fullest possible sound and beauty of your piano, it has to be tuned perfectly. Hilary has built a reputation for having an incredible ear for tuning pianos and has built his business around this most important and basic element of piano maintenance.


Breathing new life into a grand, old piano is a passion. Most pianos in themselves are built with unimaginable levels of passion, best craftsmanship, wood selection, and care. Many of these pianos are still around today, but require some levels of restoration to be restored back to their original condition. We tailor our services to the needs, desires and budget of our customers. Everything from simple refinishing to complete restoration.



Let’s be honest – moving a piano from one location to another is no easy feat. But despite their bulk and size, pianos are delicate artefacts. Understanding the correct packaging and moving procedures are an artform in themselves. We can quote and assist in most relocation undertakings.


Pianos are complicated instruments.

Should you have questions about your current piano, or would like a formal appraisal done on your piano for insurance or estate purposes, or are looking to sell or buy a piano, give us a call or drop us an email.