It’s hard to trust someone you’ve never met with such a prized and expensive possession as your piano. Meet some happy customers of Piano Technologies, and see what they have to say.

Ingrid Burton: I stumbled across Hilary by sheer chance. I wanted my grandmother’s piano to be completely refurbished. When initial quotes came in from other piano refurbishers, I was getting despondent as the cost to refurbish meant it would make more sense for me to just buy another piano. Hilary came to visit me at home and I explained how sentimental the piano is to me but that I also had a restricted budget and was desperate for my daughter’s to start learning. Hilary came up with a plan to reuse existing components as far as possible and only order where absolutely necessary. His quote was finally something I could work with so he collected my piano and provided me with another piano to use in the interim. He kept me updated with pictures and the end result has been amazing! My piano sounds wonderful again. The new strings are settling down and Hiliary pops me a note every now and then to check if everything is okay. For me the cherry on the top is how all the copper shines so beautifully again. My piano was clearly a labour of love. Thank you Hilary!

Philippa Rose-Tite: I contacted Hilary looking for a reasonably priced, but good quality piano. He didn’t have anything in stock immediately but asked all the right questions regarding who was playing it, what it was for, what style they played, etc, and in a few weeks he contacted me with some options. He delivered it to my home for my boys to play and spent some time discussing the ins and outs of this beautiful instrument. He has since stopped by a few times to make sure that it’s working perfectly, is tuned properly and that my boys are still loving it! His service has been unmatched and his passion for the instrument is just incredible to behold. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!